We carefully screen our employees to ensure the best possible candidates for you.



After we deliver your first employee, we’re pretty sure that you’ll use us for the next one. That’s because it’s our job to deliver employers the absolute best fit for whatever position you’re trying to fill.

By letting Staffing Solutions do the work, you spend less time and money hiring so that your facility can focus on things that matter most, such as quality care for your patients. Our dedication to providing the utmost in service and care drives stringent hiring protocol that requires each and every employee to be screened and evaluated for quality, competency and attitude.

Our in-depth screening process includes:
• Licensure/Certification Verification
• Drug Screening
• Background Checks
• OIG and SAM
• Training in blood-borne pathogens, CPR, and HIPAA
• Skills competency examination and further training if needed

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